Day 2 of Quotes

So I’m back for another day of quotes!  This days theme comes from my favorite book series The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  Book 16 is coming out soon and I cannot wait until I have it (and then read it in one day like I’ve done with some of the others).  This series is a mix of fantasy and science fiction with a super smartass main character that sucked me in from book one.  I jumped into the bandwagon late so books 1 through 14 were already published, which allowed me to binge read the entire series in just a few months.  If you haven’t checked this series out I highly recommend it.  On to the quotes!

“I did the only thing any reasonable wizard could have done. I turned around and ran like hell.”

― Jim Butcher, Death Masks

The one thing that I really love about this series (other than Harry being such a smartass) is that Harry is getting his ass constantly kicked.  Nothing really ever goes the way he quite plans it and he is usually getting injured some how, so there are a few times when he actually runs away from a fight because he’s not strong enough or prepared.  It makes this character seem more believable since he’s not an immortal being that can’t be scratched or defeated.  He’s not overpowered and most of the time he enlists help from his group of friends.

“Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean there isn’t an invisible demon about to eat your face.”

―Jim Butcher, Storm Front

This quote comes from the first book of the series and reminds Harry to not relax too much when working on a case or in life in general.  There’s always something waiting around the corner waiting, we may not be able to see it until it’s right upon us.  As the series progresses Harry continues to live by this quote, as his job is very dangerous.

THOMAS: “It’s a hell of a risk.”

HARRY: “Oh, no. a risk. Well, we wouldn’t want that, now, would we?”

THOMAS: “Nobody likes a wiseass, Harry.”

―Jim Butcher,Dead Beat

This quote really shows just how much of a smart ass Harry is and continues to be throughout the series.  No matter how many times he gets knocked down or is cornered he will always rely on his mouth to get him out of things, when his other tools have failed.


Those I’m tagging today:

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Have fun everyone!


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