I was just a child when your words first cut me.

It hurt, but it was okay;

you put a band-aide on it. Continue reading


Finished Dice Bag

It’s about time I finished a sewing project.  I’m really glad that I finally finished by dice bag after putting it down for months.  I based my bag loosely off of another friends, I really liked the colors and wanted to use them for mine. Continue reading

D&D update

Unfortunately, the campaign that Flora was in has been discontinued.  Fret not, for I have joined a new D&D campaign that is being run by my boyfriend, who played my husband in the last one.  So keep an eye out on Thursdays for the Adventures of Mira.  The first post will be explaining her backstory because the world that my boyfriend has crafted for us is very extensive and the counties we come from play a role in interactions with each other.  This is quite a hindrance for Mira, but all will be explained soon enough.  Stay tuned for more!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  What can I say, life gets in the way sometimes.  School was crazy with all the papers and tests and finals that were going on.  Our D&D session also ended, due to all party members getting frustrated with out DM, so there weren’t anymore Adventures of Flora for me to write about.  On top of all that, I was making a custom cloak (which will be featured in one of the next blog posts) for a friend of mine.  Now that the semester is over I have plenty of time to start making new posts.  In fact, tomorrow I will be posting the WIP Holiday Dress I have in the works at the moment.  When the new semester begins I’ll be joining a different D&D campaign so I will be able to tell the stories of that character and possibly the stories of me game mastering my very first campaign (if it happens).  So be on a look out for posts and I hope you enjoy the holidays.