Asian Inspired Reversible Corset

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Man’s best friend blanket

This is the start of the blanket that I’m working on for my boyfriends family.  They recently lost their Newfoundland, Kodiak, and I’m making this blanket as a tribute to him and hope that it can help his parents with the healing.  It’s not done yet but I’m hoping to have it done for Christmas and I’ve still got a ways to go until it’s finished but it’s a start.  I’ll post more progress pics as I keep making it.1214151015-00.jpg

I Don’t Wanna be an Adult

Aug 2, 2014 12:59 pm

If my heart keeps beating like this I’m gonna have a heart attack.  Deep breath, deep breath.  Every car I hear pass my house I run to my window to throw back my curtains to see if he’s here yet, see if his new shiny black Chevy Charger is pulling up to take me to the train station.  I’ll pace up and down my room and repeat the cycle for at least ten more cars.  Geeze when did the quiet neighborhood get so busy?

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