Holiday Dress part 2

So after I got the bodice done I started work on the sleeves.  These were a little tricky since I was using a regular sleeve pattern and had to keep taking it in and cutting portions off to get the off the shoulder look I was trying to achieve.  I tried the sleeves on and off with each alteration and I finally got the desired fit I wanted.  Then I sewed it onto the bodice and cut them to the shape I wanted.  Then it was time to add the fuzzy Sherpa trim just like I did on the skirt.  This is what it looked like afterwards:


With this sleeves on I tried the whole bodice on.  The front fit fantastically, the sleeves didn’t droop and they were nice and tight on my arm.  Nothing sagged in the front either, thank goodness, however all was not well in the back.  It drooped so low that you could see my back portion.  So it needed to be taken in.


I really debated putting hooks and eyes in or doing a zipper to close up the back.  Eventually I decided against doing either.  I liked being able to slip the dress over my head and even after taking it in I could still put it on comfortably.  So I kept it as is.  After I took it in, the back didn’t droop anymore!  Now the dress was finally complete!



I’ll get worn pictures of it soon so I post those as well.  I’m really happy with how this project came out, as it’s something I’ve never done before.  I hope you enjoyed learning about this project and stay tuned for those worn pictures and other sewing projects.


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