Day 1 of quotes

So Sibille Rose tagged me in a blogging challenge.  For this challenge I am to post three days in a row.  Each day I am to post one to three quotes (they can be from anything).  Lastly, I’m to tag three bloggers per day (so look out for your name below).

Each of these days I’m going to try and keep it themed.  This days theme is quotes from my favorite book Poison by Chris Wooding.  If you’ve never read this book or anything by Wooding I highly recommend it.  His works are very Gothic and dark with fantastical landscapes.  I especially love Poison because towards the end of the book there is a lot of talk about writing (due to the “God” being portrayed as the master writer).  Any way here we go!

“Don’t confuse contentment with happiness, Poison. Besides, some of us are born in the right place and some of us have to go look for it.”

This is probably my favorite quote from the entire book.  I love the idea of that it’s okay to go looking for happiness.  This quote is totally relatable to me and what’s going on in my personal life.  Some people can find happiness right where they are, but there are others, like me, who need to go else where to find their happiness.  I’ve also viewed contentment as settling on something.  The thing is okay but it’s not great so it’s fine the way it is, but there’s something greater out there that you don’t seek out.  It’s not true happiness.

“You can’t tell half a tale, Poison. You can’t write half a book. Whatever you choose to do next will completely change the aspect of what has gone before. if you decided to suddenly kill your friends as they slept –“

Why would I do that?” Poison interjected.

Bear with me,” Fleet said patiently. “If you did, then the tale would take on a whole new light. Instead of being the journey of Poison from Gull to save her sister, it would be the terrible story of how a young girl became a cold-blooded killer. The way it would be written would be different. Do you see? Or you might die right now, and it would turn out that it wasn’t your tale all along it was Bram’s or Peppercorn’s, and you were just one of the sideline characters. The whole story has to be known before it can be recorded; otherwise it might suddenly change. That’s the beauty, Poison. You never know what’s going to happen next. When the tale is ended, then the writing will be visible to your eyes; until then it is unwritten.”

This quote comes from towards the end of the book and this is when we get more conversations about writing and stories of life.  In this world every being story is written in a book and stored in a massive library.  When that beings life ends their story appears in the blank pages, but until that point it is invisible.  It takes an interesting look at stories and how quickly things can change and how the theme of everything can change with one little decision.


As for who I’m tagging:

  1. SD Inners


3. Only Slightly Pretentious

Good luck and have fun!


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