Inspirational Post (Kinda?)

Have you ever been unhappy in life?  You’re not where you wanna be in your job, school, family situation?  If you answered yes to these questions you aren’t alone.  I’ve recently been thinking about this too; perhaps I’ve found the root of my depression.   Continue reading


Finished Victorian bag

This is a project that I completed for a class I'm taking at college; make a drawstring bag.  I pulled inspiration from a fan that I bought at the Renaissance Fair.  The pattern was painted on with fabric paint and small gold beads were sewn on along the pattern.  Let me know if any of you would be interested to purchase something like this; I'm considering making these to sell.

Pikachu Quilt 3

This picture was taken on Aug 25th 2015.  Here all 44 tiny squares that make up each row are all sewn together.  The little random white spots are pieces of paper pined to each row with a number on it (that way I didn’t accidentally sew a wrong row together)
(Hopefully I’ll find some time soon so I can finish this and put it up for sale.  When it does go up I’ll include a link to the store).