You’re words are what drove me out–

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Orange Change Purse

This is my first attempt at making a change purse and it was certainly a frustrating one.  I worked on this thing for five hours.  As frustrating as it was a learned a lot and hopefully the next one I make will be better and easier to create.  Let me know what other colors I should do.  I’ve got grey and light blue lined up next


Legend of Zelda Pixel Art Quilt

This quilt I decided to make out of fleece and flannel instead of the usual cotton.  And holy hell was it difficult on my machine to sew through layers of thick fleece.  This quilt is made up of 2,378   1.75 inch x 1.75 inch squares.  The back is made of panels of black fleece and a part of a printed pillow case I ordered online.  It ended up be slightly longer than 5 feet which is just enough to cover up Sibille Rose‘s body and is about 4 feet wide.  I’m really glad that she loves the quilt.