Foggy Forest and Lost Souls

This was inspired by a prompt that I found on pinterest: Write about a character who finds themselves lost in a forest at night.  They have limited light with them, but the heavy fog makes it impossible to know where they are going.  Explore their thoughts as they realize they don’t remember how they got there in the first place. Continue reading


More Asian Inspired Pillows

I just can’t stay away from brocade, despite the fact that it makes a mess and is hard to work with.  The beautifully patterned shiny silk is something I can’t resist.  So I made some pillows with what brocade I had left over from the corset and other pillows I made, as well as some I had leftover from a costume I made last year.  The back is made out of a cotton linen that has small details that my camera wasn’t able to capture.

Paint Night: Tree of Life

Tonight I went to a Paint and Enjoy night with my mom and sister, as well as a large group of people I knew from church.  I had been to one previously so I knew what to expect (Maybe I’ll share that painting at a later date.  Anyway, this is the painting that we did tonight.  It killed my back and my arm got covered in paint, but I’m super happy with how it came out!  I absolutely love how the little owl I painted came out, he’s so grumpy and cute looking!  All supplies (canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, etc.) were provided to us at this event.

Pixel Pokeball Pillow

In anticipation of opening up an online craft store (hopefully in August) , I’ve been busy making products.  This is one of the products.  It’s about 18×18 inches made up of 225 squares of cotton fabric.  I had some pikachu fabric leftover from the pikachu quilt I made a while ago (which will also be going up on the store) and used it as the back of the pillow.  I’ve got patterns for the great ball, master ball, and ultra ball (which will be done and posted soon).  Are there other pokeballs I should make?