Finished Edward Elric Automail

I am so much happier with my new automail that I made.  It’s so much shinier and sturdieer than the old one (even though it’s made out of the same materials: crafts foam and hot glue) that was falling apart after all the wear and tear it went through.  I learned from my mistakes of making the last one so I could make an even better one.  First thing I did was make a mold of my hand so I could make my own pattern.  Last time I ended up using a pre-made one online that I had to size to my hand (which didn’t go so well).  So this time I made up my own and it fit soooo much better.  I also prepared my craft foam with layers of mod podge so the spray paint wouldn’t destroy the foam, this is what gives it its super shiny silver color.  Using spray painted googly eyes also allowed me to get the small screw details in as well.  I tried to have as little black of the glove, that everything is attached to, showing.

Front view under coat sleeve:


Hidden blade pulled out under coat sleeve:


Underside of hand:


Front without sleeve:


Front without sleeve and hidden blade pulled out:



Finished Fem Tombo

The reason why I basicly dropped off the face the earth for a few weeks is because I was busy working on cosplays for Otakon 2016 (Aug 12-14).  I worked on these costumes up until the night before the con (something I always say I’ll avoid but it always ends up happening no matter how early I start).  This was a costume that I made pretty much from scrap.  The bloomers (that you can’t see) I made, the petticoat (that you can’t see) I made, the skirt I made, the shirt I made, even the little lace toppers for the socks I made.  I’m really happy with how this costume came out as it was so adorable when everything was put together (so much pretty lace!).  I’m also super proud of my friend who made her costume from scratch as well.  We went as Kiki and Tombo (though I did a fem version) from Kiki’s Delivery Service.