Tales of Flora-6

Down with the Super Gnoll!

We made it to the village, some of us in better shape than others, and immediately warned those living there about the super gnoll that was on its way.  The guards stayed behind, luckily, as the villagers frantically fled their homes into the forest at the back of the town.  Everyone received a health potion and after drinking mine I felt much better.  My bleeding side was hurriedly bandage; it at least kept more blood from pouring out of me.  The monk and mage collapsed in beds, their minds and bodies spent.  Rowen remained with them, as she felt useless without her spells.  With my ax in hand Diarmund, Tezran, the ranger, and I waited behind a small wooden palisade that surrounded the town hall, listening intently for the super gnoll.

After waiting a while with the super gnoll not showing, we sent the ranger out to go and track it.  She had the best sneaking abilities out of all of us, besides Diarmund who was still paranoid about being sent off on his own after those wolf dreams.  Seconds ticked by and it felt like hours.  It was hours, the sun was starting to rise turning the sky a slightly lighter blue.  Where the hell was she?

We couldn’t wait anymore.  The guards, Diarmund, Tezran, and I set off in the direction the villagers had headed.  We escorted the guards, as it was the least we could.  From a distance we could hear screams and immediately knew what was going on.  The super gnoll had gone after the villagers instead.  None of us could have foresaw this outcome, as at the time we thought it was best of evacuate the village so no one would be crushed by falling buildings on killed in the cross fire.  We charged ahead, the trees parting so we could see the monstrous thing clamp its jaw down on a young boy who was not far off from becoming a man. My stomach lurched a bit, but I couldn’t let it slow me down; I shoved those kinds of thoughts to the back of mind, as I entered my rage.  Diarmund hung back, firing arrows at the best as Tezran, the guards and I continued our charge forward.

His arrows got its attention, and it fell on Tezran and his big glowing hammer.  It dropped the girl he was holding in his hand, her body landing in a crumpled heap, and charged us.  Tezran held his ground but I rolled off to the side, the guards scattering in random directions.  The super gnoll hit our scaly friend like a heavy cart and he fell to the ground.  Somehow the super gnoll managed to turn and wrap its teeth around Tezrans armor and bit down.  Thankfully, his armor saved him, but he fell to the ground in an unconscious heap, a line of huge dents along the breast plate and back.

The guards sprang at the super gnoll and I swung my ax as hard as I possibly could, a raging cry coming out of my mouth.  It was one of my husband’s arrows that finally brought the beast to its knees dead.  I picked up Tezran and we all started our trek back to the village.  Along the way we finally found our ranger.  She had been hiding…  Stammering she made up a story about how she had been doing her best to track the super gnoll and found his footsteps.  Her eyes didn’t hold any fear in them.

Of course, the village leader was angry with us when he learned of the ones who had fallen to the super gnoll.  My husband very loudly protested that they were lucky there was a village left to come back to at all had it not been for us.  He was at least gracious enough to give us a cart that could transport Tezran, the monk, and the wizard back to the guild.

That night, Diarmund and I sat up in our tent talking after Rowen and Tezran had fallen asleep.  We discussed who we believed to be the traitor, or traitors.  He came up with an idea, but my morals could not get involved in that plan.  I just couldn’t do something like that.  For the first time since our marriage, he would have to do this alone.


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