Tales of Flora-3

Taming the Trainees

Everyone in our party was still feeling good after the success of our last mission.  It felt great to actually complete a mission and get a little recognition for it.  Granted there are others in the huge guild that have done more daring and dangerous missions, but I will certainly take this small victory.

The guild master called us into the hall again to give us an assignment.  We were being assigned three trainees and tasked with honing their skills so they could become proper members of the guild.  It was believed that there was a traitor in this group we were to train so the bearded man’s kingdom was offering us a reward if we killed him.  Somehow my husband, Diarmund, and Tezran, lawfully good paladin, actually agreed.  This never happens…  The guild wanted us to take the trainees to go and fight a large packs of creatures who were dabbling in the dark arts.  Apparently, they meant to summon a daemon or some kind of undead to wreak havoc on this world.  Should there be a traitor in the group of trainees the guild wanted them alive.  This was going to be an interesting mission due to conflicting interests.

So off we traveled to meet our trainees.  In a clearing there stood the eager young blood we were going to instruct: a young girl who nearly broke her bow from excitement (I would be keeping my eye on her as she was going to be taught by my husband), a wizard who looked to have just started the process of puberty, and a moody monk who just wanted to punch things.

We all split up with our trainees: Rowen taking the wizard to go do magical things, Diarmund taking the girl for target practice, and Tezran and I with the moody monk.  Tezran was eager to take some swings at the young trainee, an almost sadistic gleam in his eye as he asked in this thick accent “You can handle hammer, yes?”  Some how he only managed to take a few nicking glances from the hammer.  His speed was impressive, his battle style was much like mine, so I gave it a go after Tezran had stopped having fun.  He kicked my ass.  I just couldn’t hit him.  Granted I was keeping my eye on my husband who was a little distance away helping the girl aim her bow and assume the correct form, so I wasn’t exactly on my game.

I was slumped up against a tree after I had had enough when Diarmund came over to me.  He wanted me to spare against his trainee to help improve her skills with the rapier she possessed; while I did this he was going to spar against the monk who had kicked my ass.  While I had had my eyes off of my husband, he informed me that the girl had been hitting on him; and not with the sword.  That made my blood boil and I gladly accepted the spar and planned to put that girl in her place.  It was a quick session that ended with her getting knocked her ass several times as I hit her repeatedly with the flat of my ax.  I couldn’t help but smirk and bounce away when she said she had had enough.

Night was falling so we all dragged our sore bodies to the nearby inn we were going to stay in.  Tomorrow would be an early rise to set out for a cave that the creatures had been spotted in.  Naturally, there was a tavern on the lower level of the inn and Diarmund brought up the brilliant idea of corrupting the young blood.  The monk wasn’t interested and headed up to bed while Rowen and I tried to get the others to follow suit.

Apparently, training had gone so well with Rowen and her trainee that the wizard had learned a sleep spell that he cast on what they dubbed “mom”.  She was out cold and it was now my job, as mom #2 to make sure that the rambunctious group didn’t kill themselves with ale.  I tried my best but they all decided to have a chugging contest and I couldn’t stop them as much as I tried; I would not resort to violence to solve this situation.  This resulted in everyone falling flat on their faces at the same time except for the wizard, who had somehow managed to hang on.  I couldn’t take it anymore so I went up to the bar and ordered myself a drink before plopping back down in my seat.  One drink turned into two and so on; I was feeling pretty good now.

The spell finally wore off and Rowen awake with motherly vengeance.  As a sailor she always carried a length of rope with her and tied up the two trainees and corralled them upstairs to their rooms.  I wouldn’t have minded being tied up like that, especially if I were alone with my husband.  Tezran and Diarmund had passed out on the table and floor of the tavern and before I knew it I was out cold too.

I was awoken by a loud crash and turned, dizzily, to see that a window had been broken.  I shook my husband awake, who was none too happy to be awoken, and told him someone had tried to break in or something like that.  He ran outside and Tezran awoke from all the yelling Diarmund and I had to do to hear each other.  Tezran stumbled outside after my husband and somehow ended up on the roof firing lightning from his mouth.  Diarmund had opted to make a bed out of the soft grass and I had to drag his ass back to a real bed while Rowen worked on Tezran.

We didn’t know who could have broken the window as Rowen reported that all the trainees had no left their rooms.  Maybe it could have been one of the creatures who had gotten word that we were coming for them.  Or maybe it was a just a thief who had coincidental timing.  We’d figure it out in the morning after some more needed sleep.

To check out Diarmund’s, my husband’s, perspective click here!


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