Tales of Flora-2

Rabbit Games

Still paranoid from the awful wolf dreams we had had, the guild decided to assign us a new party member.  Our cowardly or selfish rouge still had not reappeared, so this new member was to fill his spot.  Hopefully I would like them better

The guild master called us into the hall to brief us on our next mission.  There standing next to his burly frame was a short half elf girl with darker skin than my own pasty flesh; she introduced herself as Rowen.  She was short compared to my husband and Tezran, but was still a few inches taller than I.  Curse my tiny genes!  I noticed a lute hanging by her side and other instruments sticking out of her bag.  Tezran and Rowen seemed to get along quickly as they found common ground from their healing and lawful natures; I found myself liking her so much more than our rouge.  My husband, as usual, was neutral about our new member.

After introductions were out of the way, our guild master explained our next assignment.  The kingdom that we couldn’t pronounce it’s name had fallen victim to the theft attacks on one of its museums, perhaps it was our missing rouge.  The “White Rabbit” thief would place a porcelain rabbit figure next to the exhibit they planned to steal the next night.  However, the kingdoms guards were ill-fit to keep away or catch the thief.  That’s where we came in.  Our task was to capture this thief and bring them to the guild for a fair trial.  The kingdom we were helping gave us an offer as well, turn the thief over to them and he/she would be executed.  If we did this we wold be offered the same amount of coin the guild had promised, however that kingdoms currency is worth double that of the guilds.  My good nature would have none of that, though I could see my husband practically drooling over the amount of money that could be made.  Tezran and Rowen agreed; we would be bringing the thief back to the guild, much to Diarmund’s disappointment.  Before we could leave to make preparations Diarmund was pulled aside by a representative from the bearded mans kingdom and given an offer.  He would not tell anymore, including me, what the offer was and if he had taken it.

It took us two days to reach the kingdom whose name we couldn’t pronounce; luckily there weren’t any nightmares we had during our sleep.  The owner of the museum greeted us outside of it’s paled marble walls, to give us a briefing of what cold possibly be going on tonight.  He produced a map and showed us four possible locations that the “White Rabbit” would strike.  The exhibits he had marked the other day had been moved into those four storage areas.  Our party bickered about what to do, the owner, Texran and Rowen being extremely rude to my husband; they didn’t trust Diarmund after seeing him talk with a person from the bearded kingdom alone.  Offended that I was unable to defend him, Diarmund stormed off to prepare for tonight on his own.  I wanted to go after him, but I knew doing so would just make things worse.

We eventually settled on a plan.  It was decided that Tezran and Rowen would occupy one other larger storage areas with two additional guards.  Seeing as I was the most savage in battle, they placed me in the other large storage room on the other side of the building with three additional guards to keep me company.  Diarmund was worried about the guards possibly turning on us to he hid in the shadows watching over me, as I was alone.  As the moon rose higher, we waited for the “White Rabbit” to make his move.

It was well into the night when I heard a window from a nearby hallway shatter.  All the door had been left open and by the light of the moon I could see bits of twinkling class skipping across the wooden floors.  I quickly put away the cloth I had been using to clean my ax and gather up the guards to go inspect the window.  Hopefully, Diarmund was following me, as I had not seen him in ours.  He’s very good at blending into the shadows.

My group rounded the corner and saw movement in the other room that sat at the end of the hallway.  Faintly, I heard another window break, somewhere on the other side of the museum.  As I thought I had eyes on the target, I ignored the other sound and went after my target.  Beside, Tezran and Rowen were over that way and would be able to reach it faster than I.

Charging into the other room we see a group of bandits, who attack us.  I let out a battle cry (which my husband says is adorable apparently) and rush into the frey, mu huge ax swinging.  I swing over rand over but the bandits just won’t go down, the tough bastards.  Around me the guards fight against the bandits using their spears to the best of their abilities.  One the guards fell quickly, a bandit falling soon after by my hand.  Surprisingly, the guard fighting next to me managed to take down another bandit, before the final enemy overtook one of the other guards.  Myself and the last guard standing, rush the final bandit and finish him off.  As the battle rage melted away I could hear someone behind me faintly shouting.  It was Rowen’s voice; there weren’t any other people in this building with a female sounding voice.  I turned to see her running at me, it seemed like snow motion; I still couldn’t make out what she was shouting.  “The thief’s in the next room!” She shouts pointing towards the door.  I was confused, how could have the “White Rabbit” slipped passed me.  Then I remember I was in a fight, I probably wouldn’t have noticed something like that.

I gathered up my lone guard companion and ran after Rowen into the other room.  It was dark and we had lost sight of the thief.  As a bard, there were certain spells available to Rowen, so she chose something called Fairy Fire.  I wasn’t sure what exactly the effects of the spell were, but everything, including me, started to glow blue.

We lost him.  The hallway we rushed into was empty with an open window letting the chilled air in.  In defeat, we wonder around the maze that is the museum until we find Diarmund sitting on the floor of one of the hallways.  Next to him, all bound and gagged, was the thief!  (Damn, I wish that was me)  An arrow protruded from his leg and his eyes were closed.  “Oh, hey, there you are.” He casually says briefly waving at us.  It felt like my mouth hit the floor and I’m sure Rowen and Tezran looked the same as mine.

Leaving with the thief felt great, we all buzzed eagerly about our success.  On our way back, we were stopped by a brigade of men that were from the kingdom whose name we couldn’t pronounce.  They demanded that we hand the prisoner over or we would be killed.  I was ready to defend our carriage and I could see my husband and Tezran reaching for their weapons as well.  A representative of our guild, who had picked us up, came to the rescue.  He made it clear to the brigade that if they were to take action against us the guild would allow his rival’s kingdom to invade his; they may even have aide in this invasion.  Seeing as they were beaten, they escorted us back toe guild were we handed over the prisoner.

~To read my “husband’s” point of view and to find out what that deal he was offered was visit my boyfriends blog by clinking here.

~Drawings of our characters will be up with the next post.


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