Five Significant Events In My Life-2

Meeting Ryan (October College Freshman)

~Sappy post ahead, read at your own risk

The way that Ryan and I met is literally one of my favorite stories to tell people because it really feels like a fated encounter; one that drastically changed both of our lives.

It all started in our freshman writing class, Analytical Reading and Writing, taught by Professor Arehart.  I sat in the front corner, the furthest one from the door, right next to the windows.  There were long table, that sat six, arranged in a three by four grid.  This is what made up the basement classroom of Campbell Hall.  Little to my knowledge, Ryan was sitting at the opposite end of the long table I sat at. We had never talked to each other prior to our big fated meeting, however he was a big contributor to class while I hid in my shell.

Then, one day, Professor Arehart told everyone to pair up on their own to peer review our research essays that we had been working on.  I hate it when professor’s make me do group work or pair up, especially when I don’t know anyone in the class; I’m not the type of person to go up and ask someone if they want to work with me.  Seeing that I was alone, Professor Arehart paired me up with Ryan; he had forgotten his paper and no one had paired up with him.

So I moved my stuff down to his end of the table and shyly introduced myself.  I felt really out of my comfort zone as this guy was waaaay too attractive to give me the time of day; my confidence and self-esteem were super low at this point in my life.  He read my paper and gave me energized compliments while also gently giving me critiques.  This is when we both found out we both loved to write, fiction and fantasy being our to to genres.  We talked even more, my confidence rising from having a similar interest.  What really threw me head of heels for him right on the spot was we discovered we both liked anime.  (God I wish I could have kept a somewhat concealed face because Ryan told me that he knew I really liked him from the get go).  My heart was racing from excitement, but my low self-esteem was bashing me over the head telling me that this guy was out of my league.  Ryan also mentioned that he was dating someone at the time; that dampened my spirits.

We started hanging out together a lot more after that.  He moved seats so he could sit next to me.  We ate lunch together and talked endlessly about books ans story ideas we had.  I also went up to his dorm room on almost a daily basis to watch anime; he gave me a comfy chair while he relaxed on his bed.  Eventually, he broke up with his girlfriend (I laughter found out that she had thought Ryan was cheating on her with me and freaked out on him; Ryan didn’t appreciate the freak-out and irrational behavior).  I pretended to be upset and supporting, but secretly I was cheering because now he was on the market!

When breaks came around, he called me a few times and we talked for hours; our Skype calls sometimes lasted four hours.  When classes resumed for the new semester, we continued to hang out and walk each other to class, even though we didn’t share a class anymore.  Then on February 12th 2013, he asked me when had had finished walking me to my car.  Not wanting to pressure me into making a decision, he told me to think it over; I totally would have said yes right on the spot.  February 14th is when I gave my answer, but first I had a question that needed to be answered.  “Why me?  What’s so great about me that make you wanna be with me?” I asked, sitting on his bed.  “IT’s because of what’s inside here.” He responded, pointing at my heart.  I nearly cried.  How could I not say yes?

So almost four years later, he were are.  Both of us are completely different from who we were on that day.  We both have grown so much together with both of us pushing each other to be the best we can, while being there for the many road bumps life throws at us.  I hope we can continues to grow in the future.  I still feel like this meeting that happened four years ago was fate.


2 thoughts on “Five Significant Events In My Life-2

  1. This is such a beautiful story! You described it all so well. I could visualize that English classroom perfectly in my head. I love your style of writing, and the story too! Also, I totally know what you mean about the lack of confidence. I have struggled with that a lot too, but I can tell you are a beautiful, intelligent, creative person who should have all the confidence in the world! 🙂


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