Tales of Flora-1

The Job That Just Couldn’t Go Right

When I had been born in my small village of Sutton, I never would have thought I would have been to a city let alone live in one.  Then again I never would have thought I’d be such a force to reckon with on the battle field, with my petite frame and young round face.  I also never thought I’d marry a noble man, but I did.  I suppose my life isn’t what people would call ordinary.

After marrying my husband, Diarmund, we set off toward the city; as he was traveling to gain experience before taking the throne.  There we came across a large guild who were looking for trained fighters to perform jobs, it seems they had lost some of their best members on a particularly harrowing mission.  They offered us a job and room in their guild hall and we accepted; it would at least be some stable way of making money besides the odd jobs I took in towns we passed through.

Just a few days later the guild master had a job for the two of us. A neutral territory had contacted the guild about a large pack of wolves that were causing some issues.  The pack was too large for just two people to handle alone so he assigned two others to us; a sly, quick talking rouge who I didn’t particularly care for and a large law abiding man, Tezran, who looked to be a mix of dragon blood and human due to his scaly neck and horned forehead.  Our group was to go and make sure these wolves would not harm any other innocents.

In addition to the guild master, two others came to meet with our group, representatives of rival nations.  Each of them offered us coin and lodging if we were to kill the wolves that were native to their rival’s nation.  Diarmund told me the clean shaven man’s coin was worth twice as much as the beaded ones.  I didn’t really care about the coin, if I had the opportunity to get rid of all the wolves that were attacking innocent people I would take it.  Tezran agreed with me saying, “Tezran has been contracted to kill all of the wolves, so that is what Tezran will do.”

The next morning, we set out towards the north, our rouge was MIA which was fine by me.  We traveled two days, before we came to the mouth of a ginormous cave.  It certainly smelled like wolves from where we were standing; immediately we started to bicker about what we were going to do.

Tezran wanted to rush into the dark cave and start smashing wolf skulls with his giant glowing hammer, I kinda agreed.  Diarmund, once again, was the voice of reason.  Instead of going into the dark cave that we have no map of this area, one of us could sneak in and lure the wolves out into the grassy clearing outside the darkness.  Another round of bickering erupted about who to send in.  Tezran was clearly out of the question as he wore chain mail armor and would cause too much noise, so it was down to Diarmund or I.  He wore soft leather armor while I wore none, so either of us would be great at sneaking through the cave.  However, I thought my husband’s bow would be better suited than my great ax.  He disagreed, however Tezran and I overruled him and he trudged toward the cave and disappearing into the darkness.

It didn’t take long for us to hear the sounds of wolves attacking and the screams of my husband.  Concerned, I rushed into the cave with the less concerned Tezran on my heels.  Tezran’s shield lit up the unconscious body of my husband laying bloody in a heap.  Rage consumed my mind and I started going after the three wolves that were crouching with a battle cry.  I was dimly aware of Tezran who was resuscitating Diarmund with his healing magic.

One fell by my hand, but deeper into the cave I could hear more coming.  I was already beaten up a bit, scratches on my arm and side from the wolves’ claws had dug into my flesh bled freely.  Tezran appeared beside me to smash some wolf skulls; I could hear Diarmund firing arrows behind me.  No more wolves fell, instead more joined.  Tezran fell and the light cast off his shield ceased plunging us into darkness.  I continued to swing my ax hitting the wolves that leapt at me, as I heard a scream and then silence from my husband.  With the wolves faced with only one target, they easily overtook me, tearing patches of flesh from my body.

Suddenly there was screaming and bright light in my eyes.  It took me a moment to realize that screaming was coming from me.  Somehow my husband was next to me, cradling my shivering body in his strong long arms.  “It’s alright Flora, I’m here.” He murmured in his deep smooth voice.  I clutched at his opened shirt and pressed my face against his rippling chest.  “I need cuddles…” I whispered, “I had a nightmare about this job.  We all were eaten by wolves and-“  “Hush now, you are here not in that dream.” He comforted me as he laid down in bed with me his warm arms wrapping around my tiny body.

Despite the awful nightmare we all seemed to share, we all set out and within no time found that same cave from in our dream.  We decided to take a different approach this time, as the dream was clearly a warning.  However, before we had time to talk about a new strategy Tezran stormed into the cave muttering to himself.  Diarmund was able to stop him shortly to suggest we bottle neck the wolves by stopping in the narrow hallway that was the entrance of the cave.  That way the wolves would only be able to come at us one at a time and there was no other exit so if they didn’t come after us they would starve.  Tezran agreed and he began to bang on his shield and shout at the wolves.  That only seemed to agitate them and the wolves fell back further into the cave.  With the dream still in mind, Diarmund and I sat down to wait the wolves out; we didn’t want a repeat of the dream.  Unfortunately, Tezran grew tired of waiting and stormed off to find the wolves himself and bash them upside the head.

He fell within seconds as a group of wolves had laid just outside our vision field in ambush.  My husband rushed ahead preparing the spell thunder wave that would knock the wolves away from the unconscious body of our paladin.  Unfortunately, his spell didn’t knock back the wolves like we had hoped but it had sent Tezran’s body rag dolling back towards the entrance.  I helped my Diarmund pick up the dragonborn’s massive body and haul it out of the cave.  As we were leaving the grassy area we realized he wasn’t breathing.  He was dead.  My husband thought it appropriate to leave his corpse at the mouth of the cave to maybe appease the wolves.  I was too numb to agree or disagree.

Again another bright light broke free and I found myself staring up at a canopy of trees.  Next to me lay my husband who was also stirring from sleep.  On my other side of the campfire sat Tezran alive and breathing again.  Another dream.  It was just another dream.  Our teammate was alive!  Oh thank the gods!

Even after two premonitions we pressed on to the cave.  There was still a job to do.  Outside of the cave, back in the woods, there was a small pack of three wolves that were easy pickings for us.  After that small skirmish we headed into the cave yet again.  Feeling the excitement of winning the “battle” Tezran rushed inside only to be ambushed by another pack of wolves.  He fell instantly before Diarmund or I could reach him and offer aide.  As I rushed up at the wolves I could hear my husband firing arrows at the wolves.

When all the wolves had fallen I was bleeding heavily and limping from a wound on my leg.  I had enough strength to haul my fallen comrades unconscious body up and drag him to the entrance.  Diarmund covered my back with his arrow shooting at any wolves that tried to sneak up behind us.

When we arrived back the at the guild we reported what had happened and got Tezran some medical attention.  We never did kill the pack of wolves the guild had sent us to and because we had killed both of the kingdoms wolves we were only rewarded a tiny portion of the reward money.  Later that evening Tezran awoke and demanded to go back to kill the rest of the wolves.  We accompanied him, but by the time we had gotten back to the cave the wolves had moved on.

This is the telling of my characters experience in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I am in right now.  This is what happened on the first night.

~To see “my husbands” point of view click here.


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    1. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying! Now that you’re following me you can keep up to date with the series as I’ll be posting a new entry every Friday until the campaign ends (even if this character ends up dying). Also if you want to see another perspective of this campaign you can check out my boyfriend’s blog who plays my husband in the game.


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