Five Significant Events in the My Life-1

Learning to Sew-7th grade

In 7th grade everyone was required to take a Family and Consumer Science (FACS) class during a marking period, which are half semesters.  This particular year happened to be sewing.  Prior to this class I had never sewn anything (not even a button).  However, I knew my Aunt Karen on my mother’s side sewed the quilts that we got for Christmas and my grandma on my dad’s side did some minor sewing too.

Our teacher passed around a list of different projects we could choose from, telling us to avoid the one’s that had a high difficulty.  When I got the list of projects my eyes were drawn immediately to the yin and yang symbol pillow.  I was, and still am, fascinated by Asian things.  the project had two color options white&black or pink&black.  Being my obnoxious younger self I went for the bold bring pick and black color options.

I remember myself being very careful when cutting out the two pattern pieces and while cutting out the fuzzy fabrics.  Everyone else around me, especially the boys who were uninterested in the class from the get go, had hard, rushed, jagged pattern pieces and fabric pieces.  Mine were as smooth as my tiny hand would allow, which wasn’t perfect but close to it.

Our teacher then took us through a few basic hand stitches before setting us loose to finished the rest of our projects.  Sewing the two main parts of the yin and yang symbol were super easy and I was feeling pretty confident about this project at that point.  Boy did that change when i got to the little circles that went inside of the holes of symbol (the pattern instructed me to cut the holes there instead of just sewing the circles on top of the fabric *shrugs*).  They were impossible for me to get even and actually look nice.  Every time I tried they would bunch up and create gaps that the stuffing could poke through when I got to that step.  I don’t know how many times I ripped those stitches out, but I eventually gave up and moved onto the next step with my bunched up circles.

The next step was to sew the strip of pink and black fabric around the curved edges of the pillow.  Going around the first time was pretty easy, the seams didn’t quite match up, but I was to the point where I wasn’t that picky.  Sewing that part to the back proved more difficult.  I got it done, though, and I was way less frustrated than when I was sewing the circles on.  After that it was time to stuff the thing.  At least that was fun and super easy.  Sewing the last few stitches to close up the stuffing hole I felt a wave of relief and pride wash over me.  this was my first project and I was actually able to make something.  It was really cool to me.

This was the spark that compelled me to learn more and create more.  Due to this class I went on to take three more sewing classes in high school, while also learning more on my own.  Now, almost ten years later, I’m able to make myself and others head to toe costumes.  However, I still have much to learn and improve on, but it’s amazing to think that this one class in middle school started me down this path.  This is what I want to do with my life.  This isn’t just a hobby; this is my passion.

Think of your five significant events in your life and feel free to comment them below.


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