New Content Coming Soon

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I finally have some things that I feel are worth sharing with everyone.

The first is going to be a five part series on the five significant events that have shaped who I am today.  I’ve been taking a leadership class in college (which is required for my Business Administration major) and it’s been a lot of self reflection and finding out what kind of leader you are.  Out of the personal writing assignments we’ve done so far, this is my favorite by far.  The paper was supposed to be only two pages in length double spaced, but I just couldn’t stop the flow of words that came spilling out.  It ended up being six pages……  I’m planning on posting these on Tuesdays, and when these five are done I think I’ll stick with the self reflection theme and post some more self discovery posts.

The second is going be a a series of short stories that is based off the D&D campaign that I joined recently.  Our first session was interesting…..  (I’ll write about soon enough)  These are going to be from the perspective of the character that I created and will detail out the adventures our party goes through.  These I’m planning on posting on Fridays.

I hope you all will enjoy these pieces as I’m excited to start producing content again.


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