Further Down The River

Water laps the wood hull of my canoe as it skims across its smooth surface.

Ripples distort the image of the moon reflecting back at me.

Trees and rocks and tall grasses glide by me

as the gentle wind propels me further down this narrow watery trail.

Croaking frogs, hooting owls, and screaming cicadas keep me company on this lonely journey.

Rotting moss has taken up permanent residence inside my nostrils;

as it’s the only scent this river offers me.

Then the changing breeze brings a different scent to my attention,

a most wondrous scent.

It’s light and flowery while also having a fruity note to it,

as if I were sniffing the last few blooms of a fruit tree.

Through all the noise I hear the subtle sound of an oar dipping below the water to be dragged through it’s dark liquidness.

I turn to find the owner of the wondrous scent I had been admiring.

A girl gracefully pushes her canoe across the water’s surface a mere few yards from my own.

It has been so long since I have seen someone on this river;

I stare for too long as she catches up to my canoe.

She looks at me and smiles her lips dazzling in the full moonlight.

Stunned I wave at her; she returns my gesture.

I watch as she pulls ahead of me, those delicate arms propel her further and further.

Maybe we’ll meet further down the river.

This poem was inspired by Incubs’ Aqueous Trasnmission which is one of my favorite songs that helps me calm down.  I listen to it on repeat for hours (which annoys everyone in the house) but I still absolutely love it.


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