Foggy Forest and Lost Souls

This was inspired by a prompt that I found on pinterest: Write about a character who finds themselves lost in a forest at night.  They have limited light with them, but the heavy fog makes it impossible to know where they are going.  Explore their thoughts as they realize they don’t remember how they got there in the first place.

A thick fog had settled on the snowy forest, I could only guess was somewhere in the north, cloaking the towering trees in its misty white.  The last shreds of sunlight had set the white ablaze with colors—colors I had thought were much too vibrant to be captured in something that dulled everything it consumed.  Wispy shadows of towering evergreens seemed to lean and bend toward me, as if they were bowing in front of my presence.

Snow crunched under my boots, and sound I’ve always found satisfying to my ears, as I weaved my way through the sprinkled trees.  I had no idea where I was going, there was a strange silent beckoning that pulled each foot to be placed in front of the other.   Perhaps it was strong scent of pine that clogged the air under these trees that was hypnotizing me; I had always loved the smell.

It was incredibly dark underneath the stretching arms of the evergreens; had I been under those branches during the day I would have thought it was night.  Since the sun had set I could only use what little light came from the lantern I had with me.  It wasn’t nearly enough light to penetrate the haze but it was enough to warm me when a hulking trunk was in front of me enough so I wouldn’t smack into it.

I couldn’t say for how long I was crunching through the snow, hell I couldn’t even say why I was there, or how I had gotten there.  The last thing I could remember was getting off a boat in the warm city Pavv.  It made so sense that I was here in the snow, wearing a fur cloak that was much too big for me and reeked of sweat and dung—I hoped it wasn’t me that had caused that odor.  Everything that I was wearing didn’t fit right, the boots slightly too small, the pants held up by a length of chord, and the tunic plummeted past my knees.

My mind raced to try and find answers as my feet continued their steady pace in what direction I could not say, as my gifted compass was nowhere to be found.  Where had these borrowed clothes come from?  How had I managed to get to the north when I had previously been in the warm paradise of the south?   Why couldn’t I remember that journey?  Where even was this forest?

There had been no noise beside my crunching feet snapping a few branches that startled me every time they popped.  No wolves howling, no birds cawing and hooting, no rustling branches from scurrying little creatures.  Everything was still and silent.  I strained to hear any kind of noise other than my own, but hurt my ears in the process.

The trees seemed to go on for an eternity, was there any end?  Was I just walking around in circles?  My feet were still being drawn by some unseen force.  Would I end up wander through this forest forever, drifting between the trunks?  A lost soul who couldn’t remember how they had gotten there.


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