Hidey Holes

~Write about things your protagonist hides in her bedroom.

The mere thought of her having to leave her room forever frightened and upset her.  She had tailored everything in this tiny little room to optimize every square inch while making it as warm and comfortable as possible.  The curtains she made with her own hands had adsorbed the scent of the countless incenses she burned.  Her library resided next to her bed, a small light for late night stories and other little fairy statues sat on top.  Countless pillows were tossed in one corner, creating a mountain of colorful plushness. Little fairy lights strung all throughout the ceiling provided soft light when the sun no longer beamed through the two huge windows that gazed at each other from opposite sides of the walls.  Posters of verifying themes plastered the walls, blotting out the ugly grey that lie beneath them.  Plush periwinkle carpeting greeted her bare toes every time she crossed over into her world.  Bins upon bins of fabric slept under her small bed that was home to small plushie creatures.

She knew everything in her room, it would take years to transfer everything into somewhere different and make it feel as comfortable as this.  Where was she going to hide her secret items if she left?  All her forbidden crafts and purchases stuffed behind the metal shoe rack would be pulled from her vast closet and exposed.  Her mother mustn’t know of the things she hid in there.  Especially the emergency pregnancy tests and other embarrassing female organ remedies stuffed under that mountain of pillows.  The scantily skirts easily blended into the assortment of things found in her ornate dresser but the other erotic toys would be harder to explain if found.  A length of rope was curled up under said skirts, a vibrating friend was tucked under sketch books in the night stand that stood on the other side of bed.

Would there be other hidey holes in the new place?  It would just be easier to keep every thing the same instead of finding new places for all of belongings.


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