Finished New York Rangers Pillow

I was able to get this done in time for my boyfriends birthday on January 21st (waaaaaaaaayyyyy later than I wanted it to be done by.  It was originally supposed to be a Christmas present).  This giant pillow is 32 inches by 31 inches (for scale I placed his 26 by 25 pillow next to the one I made).  The pattern is made of 3,298 squares of 1 inch by 1 inch dimension cotton fabrics.  I really can’t say just how long I worked on this but I started this project back in November and wasn’t able to finish it until January (I also spent over 5 hours modifying the original pattern because it was too large for me to use as a pillow pattern).  Are there any other pixaled pillows I should try to make?  Should I make smaller or larger ones?  Let me know!



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