Finished Man’s Best Friend Blanket

I finished this project Christmas Eve so I could give it to my boyfriends parents for Christmas.  As I’ve said before this blanket was dedicated to their recently passed Newfoundland Kodiak.  His parents were extremely touched that I had paid so much attention to detail to make it look like Kody; I was rewarded with tearful hugs from them.  The ears and jowls lift up and are lined with pink sweade, on the ears, and textured pink vinyl, on the jowls.  His eyes are made of two very large black buttons with brown vinyl surrounding them.  The tongue is made of the same vinyl that is under the jowls and his lower lip is made of black sweade.  Black fur and a little bit of white fur make up the rest of his body.  The background is grey sweade with Kody’s name hand embroidered (which took four days by itself) onto it.  On the back of the blanket paw print flannel makes up most of it with small black sweade panels on the side.  On top of the flannel I painted on the words “He’s A Bear” (a phrase they used to say) with red puffy paint.  I hope you enjoy this project!


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