A review of Crimson Peak

Guillermo Del Toro’s “Crimson Peak” isn’t like most modern horror movies.  There’s no abundance of cheep jump scares (there’s a total of two in the whole two hour movie)  or tons of gore to get reactions out of people.  The scares come from the creepy atmosphere that Guillermo creates on top of Crimson Peak, the hill of blood red clay that stains the snow to look like blood.
As far as acting goes I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances that were given.  Mia  Wasikowska plays Edith a young writer who has never known what love is.  Tom Hiddleston once again is playing a “bad guy”, however this character of the suave newcomer from across the sea is different.  He’s regretful and feels torn between his decision, he changes over time and that’s what makes this “villain” so interesting. Charlie Hunnam plays the best friend who wants to protect Edith from the newcomer.  It’s a shame he plays an American because I really want to hear him use his accent one of these days.  Jessica Chastain is hands down “the bad guy”, her acting of paranoia and mystery is spot on.

The effects are done by one of my new favorite studios Legendary Pictures.  They did effects for “Godzilla” and “Pacific Rim” not to mention several other projects.  The effects used are mainly on the ghosts/spectator of the house giving them a strange wispy mist surrounding skeleton-like figures.  And the great thing about it is that the effects didn’t rule the movie, they simply accented the film.
I hope you guys go out and see Crimson Peak (and I also hope you like it).  I highly recommend it.
If you’d like another opinion of the movie go check out this blog.


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