Fight Back

Buzzing wings near my ears make me freeze,
when the dreaded words spoken from loved ones mouths, "failure".
Those eight legged freaks, on the wall they creep,
when everyone I love disappears, all alone.
These are my fears;
this is when dreams turn into nightmares.

My mind is cursed with these nightmares
that make my body freeze
and go numb from my fears.
I'll think about how I'm a failure
as I lay in this bed alone.
Through my mind dark thoughts will creep.

Those eight legged freaks on my skin, they creep
into my nightmares.
Their black hairy bodies surround me, in the middle of the swarm I'm alone.
The fear lock my body up; I freeze.
I'm still a failure;
I can't overcome these fears.

My dreams have been overrun by these fears.
Over the edge they creep
to overwhelm me.  System Failure.
Will I ever escape these nightmares?
With an icy gaze I'll make these fears freeze,
I'll overcome this alone.

Here I stand alone,
sword at my side, to face my fears.
In their tracks they'll freeze
as I cut them down.  No more can they creep
through my mind, turning dreams into nightmares.
No more am I a failure.

My fears are now the failure,
for they couldn't overcome me alone.
I've made it out of these nightmares
destroying my old fears.
No more can they creep
up on me and make my body freeze.

New fears will create new nightmares.
Alone I'll stand; failure is not an option as here they creep
over my mind hills.  In their tracks they'll freeze.

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