Days Long Since Past

“Let’s play Rock Band!”  “Let’s play Rampage!”

We’ll lose track of time, hours at least, as we smash the controllers;

friendly competition always present.

You’ll walk me down the hall, my feet on top of yours,

moving in sync with each other like a well-oiled machine.

You’ll take me to expos to expand my Hot Wheel collection;

and buy me new Beanie Babies

every year we go to the shore as a family.

I’ll watch you set up the rusting train tracks at Christmas;

You’ll watch me meticulously dot the board with trees,

creating a village of tiny plastic people.

We’ll zip around the car tracks with little handheld remotes,

sporting our matching Nascar gear;

your number 3 hat and my Dale Earnheart t-shirt.

There are no winners.

It’s been so long since I’ve said these words;

I tap the buttons in solitude.

I walk down the hall, emptiness echoing around me;

mom’s removed the wedding photo that used to hang there.

I sold my Hot Wheel collection at a yard sale;

my Beanie Babies live in the attic with the dust bunnies.

The train tracks have rusted beyond use;

the fire place missing a stocking.

Car tracks we used to race each other on split in two;

or are at your apartment somewhere.

There are no winners,

because we both lost.


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