Laughing Sanity

“Get me out of here before they come back!” I plead to the prisoner in the opposite cell, “Don’t let me stay here!”

I was practically throwing myself against the iron bars that contained me in the putrid cell.  The prisoner opposite of me had snagged a wire hanger earlier and jammed it into the lock on the outside of the barred door.  “Please!” I beg.

 “Shut up!” the other prisoner spat, jimmying the wire back and forth, a vein popping on his shiny bald head.

The force of his words hit me like a truck, and I stumbled back into my cell.  My shoulder caught the side of the suspended piece of concrete that was my bed, but I didn’t feel a thing.  the depression of my hopeful escape came crashing down on me, numbing all feeling.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

The cells reeked of body odor, human waste, rotting meat and rusting metal; a horrid smell that made my stomach surrender what little it had left in the morning when I awoke.  My own bile forever lingered in my mouth, even when food was provided.  Rats easily maneuvered through the gaps in the bars; oh how I wish I could be a rat right now.  Many times I found them crawling on me as I lie on my rock bed staring at the blood stained ceiling.  A rope swung down from the buzzing, flicking light above me, reminding me there was always another way out.

By far the worst thing in this hell hole was the Medical Wing.

“Doctors” veiled in operating masks passed down the halls disposing their bloody aprons in trashcans that lined the walls.  Horrid screams rang through the wing, blood splatter in the tiny window of every door.  Its white bleached wall and bloody chlorine odor were now my new symbol for fear and pain.  The things they do to people–did to me…  I have to escape.

Desperation surging through my veins, I claw at the iron barred door I loathed so much.  Fresh blood was added to the already existing stains, as I was not the first do do this, from my shredded fingers.  Eventually, I started throwing myself against the accursed door, it rattling loudly in its frame.  Heavy boots cling on the metal hallway floor send me scurrying to the corner to cower in.  My bloody hands pressed against my head, trying to keep what little sanity I have left inside me.  It wasn’t my frenzied failed escape they were interested in; but the cell across from mine was now empty.

A blaring siren and crude red lights alerted everyone in the building that someone was loose.  Guards barked orders and sprinted down the halls, their boots clanging as they went.  In the chaos of the escape, a ray of hope shone upon me in this sunless place.  The wire hanger had been kicked under the door of my cell.

I slowly reached for it, tears flowing down my face.

“Soon…”  I mummer to myself, clutching the precious metal to my chest.  A smile crossed my lips and a laugh escaped my lips, carrying all sanity away with it.


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